Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tam?

Tam is an Electronic Certification service provided by the National Digital Certification Center (NDCC) at the Information Technology Authority (ITA).This service allows all Omani citizens and residents to use the government electronic services and transactions in a higher level of security, authenticity, integrity and confidentiality to protect all eTransactions made through ID cards and mobile SIM cards.


What are the benefits do I get from Tam?

By opting for Tam before applying for any government eServices, you will enjoy the following benefits: 
• Your personal data is secured and protected. 
• Authentication of your digital identity online without the need for physical appearance. 
• Ability to sign any document or application electronically. 
• Having eSignature valid and trusted with the same legality as regular signature. 
• Ability to validate and integrate the signed documents. 
• 24/7 access to government services form everywhere. 
• Saving money, time and effort.


How do I get my Tam service?

To get your Tam service you may choose from the following options: 
• Via your identity card. 
• Via your mobile SIM card. 
- You will get Tam service for free on your ID card. 
- For Mobile you need to replace your SIM card to be PKI supported in Omantel or Ooredoo outlets with the normal price of the SIM.