Mobile PKI

How to activate Tam on your SIM card?


1. Your ID card should be activated to know more please refer to  
2. Your SIM card should be PKI supported, if not please replace it from Omantel/Ooredoo. 
3. Your SIM card MUST be registered with your name. 
4. You need a card reader. 
5. Your browser should support SConnect to know more please refer to  


Step 1:

- Visit choose Tam services.

- Choose Mobile PKI Activation.

- Enter your Phone Number and choose your telecommunication company (Omantel / Ooredoo) then press submit.



Step 2:

- For the first time only, a new window will appear asking you to download SConnect plugin.

- Click on accept and install then run the file.

- On the same window, you will be asked to insert your PKI ID card on the card reader.



Step 3:

- Insert your PKI ID card.

- Enter your PIN number (6 digits).




Step 4:

- On your mobile, you will receive messages then you will be asked to enter a PIN number (6 digits).

- You will enter a PIN number six times, to ensure protection of your personal identity.


- Finally you will receive a message "Your mobile PKI is activated successfully".