Adding Taxpayer to Non-Signatory's (Principal Officer, Tax Auditor) Profile

Access rights to principal officers and tax auditors can only be given by the signatory of the taxpayer. Several users can be granted access to a taxpayer and one user can have access to several taxpayers.

NB! In order to add an officer or auditor to the list of taxpayer's representatives, the officer/auditor must have a user profile in the Tax Management Portal. This means that they must log into the Tax Management Portal before they can be set as one of the taxpayer's representatives. In order to set a person up as their principal officer, auditor or other type of representative, the user must know the civil number of that person.

  1. Click on the Add new representation right button.
  2. Fill in the fields on the Representation Right page:
  • Civil No. – Enter the civil number of the person.
  • Role – Select the role from the dropdown list. The two main roles are available:
    • Manager – Has access to all information and pages and can grant access rights to other persons.
    • User – Has access to all information and pages but cannot grant access rights to other persons.

In case you are in need of a more specific role, please contact the Secreteriat General for Taxation.

  • Valid To – This field should be filled if the access is termed and has a clear ending date. If the person is given access for an unforeseeable time, then this field should be left empty. The end date can be set later.
  1. Click on the Save button.

If the person has a profile in the Tax Management Portal (they have logged in at least once), then the access rights are granted to them. If they do not have a profile yet or an error has been made entering the civil number, the system displays an error message.


Removing Taxpayer from a User Profile

The access to a taxpayer's information can be stopped by any of the users having the role of a manager. The access can be stopped by setting the Valid To date or invalidating the representation right.

  1. Open the Representation Rights page.
  2. In the list of the representatives, click on the Edit button on the row of the person you want to stop from having access to this taxpayer.
  3. On the Representation Right page, fill in the Valid To date and click Save or, alternatively, click on the Invalidate button.

The person no longer has access to this taxpayer starting from the Valid To date.