This portal is managed by Secretariat General for Taxation, which can be found online at

Our aim is to empower the people and taxpayers in Oman by delivering information and services through our portal gateway.

We will do this by:

  • Offering common Tax e-Services, which are easy, convenient and comfortable to use.

  • Structuring access to our services and information based on ‘life events', ‘personas' and topics

  • Integrating all electronic services offered by the government

  • Constantly upgrading the ease of access to services and information, so adoption within the community is ensured.

We are committed to:

  • providing the latest information on this portal to the taxpayers, visitors and announcing on the updates according to its content plans

  • responding to the taxpayers and visitors inquires and taking useful and feasible suggestions into account addressing problems related to access to the portal's sections and pages

  • reviewing content regularly and provide an updated content to visitors in both Arabic and English if possible.


The following General Provisions apply to all services to any and all taxpayers. These General Provisions shall usually take precedence over specific metrics outlined in the Service Levels section.

Hours of Operation

We operate on a standard seven hours, 5 days a week basis. Standard Business Hours of operation are 7:30 am to 2:30 pm Sunday through Thursday and closed on announced holidays. We do not operate on a 24 by 7 basis and do not provide support outside of the standard working times, on weekends, or on holidays. Issues, data corrections, and updates shall be handled during the normal working hours unless provisions are made to handle these changes outside of normal working hours.

We endeavor to maintain our services through this portal in a manner that it is available at all times except when maintenance or repair activities are required. We will maintain uptime outside of standard business hours on a best effort and basis.

Priority of Response

In general, priority is given to issues in all type of filling returns (Provisional Tax Return, Final Tax Return and Withholding Tax Return).
Also, priority will be given to issues found during using e-payment.

Reporting Procedures

Suggestions/problems related to accessibility or usability of the portal services should be reported via:

  • filling the online form on Feedback page
  • phone call to the number (+968 2474 6996)
  • message sent to the webmaster (

For other aspects of service provisioning, please see our Terms of Use page for more information.