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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tax rates applicable?

The tax rate for establishments, Omani companies and permanent establishments is 12% of the taxable income in excess of RO.30,000. The taxpayers engaged in Petroleum exploration are subject to 55% of the income realized from sale of petroleum.

If the taxpayer needs a Tax Clearance Certificate, whom should they contact?

The taxpayer should contact the Department of Taxpayers' Services.

Are there any consequences for failure to pay tax within the due dates?

Additional tax at 1% per month on tax due is levied for late payment of tax. Other penalties may also be imposed.

To whom should the objection against the assessment be addressed?

It should be addressed to His Excellency Secretary General for Taxation.

What is the main purpose of the Portal?

This is the Official Tax Management Portal of the Sultanate of Oman. The portal offers relevant information about the taxation system in Oman and offers eServices as a n electronic channel for communicating with SGT. In addition, the portal offers Tax news, Events, Documents, FAQ and more.

Can I freely copy and use contents from this website?

The content of this portal including but not limited to information, images, graphics, video or other multimedia, software and links are the Intellectual Property of the Information Technology Authority of Oman and all relevant Omani Laws to protect this IPR through copyright, trademark and other forms of proprietary rights are applicable even if not mentioned explicitly. All rights, titles and interests in the contents are owned by, licensed to or controlled by ITA. Use of such content in this portal by way of reproduction, republishing, uploading, posting, transmission or any other form of distribution requires formal written consent of ITA.

So if you need to copy and use any of these contents, kindly let us know using the contact information.

Who is liable to pay tax?


- Establishments

- Omani Companies

- Permanent Establishments

What are the due dates for filing provisional and annual returns of income?

The accounting period for a tax year is generally the calendar year (January to December). A taxpayer is permitted to have a different accounting year, if he so wishes. The Taxpayers is required to file a provisional return of income (PR) within three months and annual return of income (AN) within six months from the end of the chosen accounting year.

How can I request help?

Thank you for your interest in visiting this portal. If you require any help about the portal in general or about any service in particular, please use Contact Us We are continuously improving the content and structure of the portal while expanding it further with more services to serve you better.

How can I access the e-services in the Portal?

You are welcome to visit the Portal and access all service-related information freely. But in order to execute any online or integrated service, you must be a registered user and logged in. Please contact the SGT for guidance on Portal registration. 

If the taxpayer needs a Personal Residence Certificate, whom should they contact?

The taxpayers should contact the Department of Taxpayers' Services.

If the taxpayer needs a Taxpayer's Residence Certificate, whom should they contact?

The taxpayer should contact the Department of Taxpayers' Services.